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The State-mandated session beer

The state of Utah has built a fantastic monster: the state-mandated session beer. For those who don’t know, Utah law prohibits the sale of high-point beers in the grocery store. Anything over 3.2% by alcohol weight or 4.0% alcohol by volume, must be sold in the liquor store, and it must be sold…warm (although there … Continue reading

The breathable screwcap, a pointless invention?

Wow! It has been a long time since I last posted. Since my last post, I have moved from Indianapolis to Salt Lake City – It sure does feel good to be around the mountains again. That said, I have been sitting on this post for some time now and finally got the motivation to … Continue reading

Content isn’t king, structure is.

The saying goes that content is king. I don’t buy it. Sure, there is some great content out there – and there is some pretty bad content too. But what I think we often forget is how the structure of any given platform molds the kind of content we can create and how this content … Continue reading

Why I Moved

For those of you who have found their way here via my other blog, Untangling the Vine, thank you! After some thought, I decided to move and rename my blog. I moved primarily because I found my old blog to be a bit limiting. While I still plan on writing about wine, I wanted to … Continue reading

What’s the holdup with QR-Codes?

I have been thinking lately about QR-Codes and am trying to figure out what the holdup is within the beverage industry. For those who don’t know, the QR-Code (or Quick Response Code) is a 2D box that functions like a bar code but contains a great deal more information. QR-Codes have the ability to embed text, … Continue reading

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