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And a new blog begins…

Well, I suppose it has come to this: I have finally missed writing so much after completing school that I have decided to start a blog. But it isn’t just the writing, I need a site through which I could express my thoughts about wine, the wine industry and wine culture in general. Which perhaps brings me to the first point of my first post: wine is not just an industry or business, it is a CULTURE – did you expect anything less from someone who took courses in the liberal arts?

Too often we get caught up in the business of wine – wine auctions, wine ratings, wine sales, who the next big producer is going to be, etc. With this blog I hope to highlight how wine is not simply a business, but this business is a part of a particular culture or in some cases cultures. How long can we continue to talk about and critique the wine business, while ignoring the culture that undergirds this business. That is, not only do we need to examine the business of wine, but we should likewise examine our own relationship with wine, soil, climates (places and spaces), popular artifacts dealing with wine, and perhaps most importantly, how we talk about wine.

What do we gain by shifting from talking about wine as a business to wine as a culture? To be frank, I am not entirely sure. This question is a big one after all. This blog might be the perfect outlet through which the benefits and drawbacks of understanding wine as a form of cultural expression can be explored. What I do know is that exploring wine as a medium of culture cannot hurt and it might even expand our understanding of wine as a business or industry. My hope is that this blog will serve as a collection of insights not only into the business of wine, but also about the political and social functions of wine – among other things. By all means, my intent is not to remove or ignore the business or industry side of wine, but rather to explore some of the cultural undercurrents that I believe are at work within and next to the business of wine.

So without further ado, I would like to make a toast to the start of a new blog and hopefully a new or at least unique and fun conversation in the world of wine.



4 thoughts on “And a new blog begins…

  1. Why didn’t I know about this site until now (2/6)? Great to see a site I can actually get into and enjoy. Bring on more!

    Posted by Jan | February 6, 2011, 7:10 pm
  2. Looking forward to reading more Phil. Glad you’re using your talents and knowledge!:)

    Posted by Katie | February 8, 2011, 3:56 pm

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